Success Stories

“She’s 54 and has lived in Delaware for about 4 years. having moved here with her family from PA. She first heard about the Getting Ahead classes through announcements at William Street Church where she is a member. She knew she needed some help getting herself and her family out of poverty and into a better situation. She credits the Getting Ahead classes with making her more aware of differences in the values, priorities, speech patterns and everyday decisions between those in poverty and the middle class. She learned about predatory lenders and realized for the first time  that  those cash advances were actually doing a lot more harm than good. She formed valuable relationships with the others in the class, and learned as much through learning their stories as through sharing her own. The facilitators became mentors and helpful advisers.

Getting Ahead helped her face her problems, rather than denying or running away from them. Knowing she was not alone made it possible for her to make some positive changes. She felt challenged and empowered to step up and move ahead. She says that her ally means the world to her. She knows she can turn to her even when things are falling apart, but is especially proud when she can share her progress with her ally.

The Stepping Up meetings have exposed her to interviewing skills, budgeting, and information about owning a Habitat home, to name a few. Most of all, though, she values this time with her many new friends. She hopes to get a B.A. in psychology and work with rape victims, teaching them what she has learned from experience. She has already completed several courses and hopes to get back to school in the near future.

This whole experience has brought her together with people in similar circumstances and helped her realize what she needs and wants to do in order to be who she wants to be.”